About Us

School Colors: Navy/Maroon/Khaki     |     School Mascot: Bear

School Hours: 7:55 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. (Tardy: 8:10 a.m.) 

Early Dismissal Time (please refer to the campus calendar for specific dates): 12:15 p.m.



Strategy I: We will inspire learning through an array of personalized opportunities and experiences.

Tactic I. 1We will foster a readiness for change through self-directed, personalized learning and discovery.

Specific Result Statement/Performance Objective:

  1. Technology experiences that build on one another and support curriculum for life-long learners.
  2. Curriculum and flexible scheduling that supports student choice and personalized learning.
  3. Clarity of roles/relationships and expectations for learners, teachers, parents, and administrators at the campus level.

Strategy IV: We will ensure each student understands and assumes his or her role as a productive citizen.

Tactic IV. 1:  We will ensure each student actively participates as a member of his or her community through real world experiences.

Specific Result Statement/Performance Objective:

  1. Character education incorporated into the classroom, on a weekly basis, throughout the school year.
  2. Students take pride in their campus.
  3. Parent curriculum night to share district curriculum and enrichment ideas.
  4. Students understand the importance of taking care of community members.
  5. Students build positive peer relationships.

Strategy VI: We will ensure mutual understanding and support through effective communication.

Tactic VI. 1: We will establish an environment of shared responsibility in promoting trust and effective communication.  

Specific Result Statement/Performance Objective:

  1. Practice open, honest and genuine communication between staff, parents, and students that promotes trust.
  2. Consistently follow clear expectations to ensure our vision of meaningful communication for all Bauerschlag staff.
  3. All parents are informed of the daily activities of the Bauerschlag community through clear and consistent communication.